We work closely clients to develop "blue sky" concepts and then help to prioritize, refine and create detailed product and engineering requirements of fully formed product concepts to achieve a client’s objectives. The process utilizes design thinking principals and integrates business, technology and user objectives.
Design & Engineering
We are a full-stack engineering firm with cross-functional capabilities to drive mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, firmware development and mobile app development. We typically collaborate closely with clients and augment their teams to lead the engineering design with a systems integrator approach. We have broad experience with wearables, IoT devices, camera systems, mechatronics, appliances, industrial devices and medical products.
Prototyping is a critical part of the product development process and we build all varieties of prototypes including bread boards, non-form factor proof-of-concepts, "looks like, works like" functional prototypes, and high quality demos for CES and tradeshows. We use rapid-prototyping processes and quickly build prototypes to help validate and demonstrate key product requirements.
The transition from design to manufacturing is critical and Q Design Studio’s locations in both the U.S. and Asia ensure continuity between teams. The on-the-ground staff in Hong Kong and China provide real-time and on-site support at factory sites to ensure maximum communication, transparency and program management leadership. Services include sourcing, supply chain management, manufacturing program management, sustaining manufacturing, cost-downs, quality engineering and source inspections.
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