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Whether you’re going from 0⇢1 or 1⇢n, we help design, engineer and manufacture the most innovative hardware products.
The biggest challenges come in the smallest sizes
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Transforming health tech from point-of-care to wearables
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Industry 4.0
Enabling smart cities, factories, and work sites
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Camera Systems
Best-in-class camera hardware combined with intelligent software
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Smart Home & Kitchen
Smart devices providing convenience, safety, and comfort
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Next generation hearables, speakers and voice computing
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We collaborate and work with amazing entrepreneurs and companies to create amazing products.
Great ideas come and go, but it’s the passionate and gritty entrepreneurs who realize their vision to create amazing new products and experiences. Q Design Studio is a leading global product design, development and manufacturing firm that collaborates with the most innovative hardware and IoT companies in the world. We partner with companies to engineer and build successful products by leveraging our deep technical experience and broad network in the U.S. and Asia. We help with sourcing the right manufacturing partners and procuring from the best supply chain. Hardware is hard and we help de-risk product development by providing deep expertise and broad experience to save time and avoid costly mistakes.
Design & Engineering
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